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Fauna / Neuroptera

Scientific classification
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Class: Insecta
Superorder: Endopterygota
Order: Neuroptera

The insect order Neuroptera, or net-winged insects, includes the lacewings, mantidflies, antlions, and their relatives (the group that was once known as the Planipennia). The order contains some 4000 species. Traditionally, the order also included alderflies, fishflies, dobsonflies, and snakeflies, but these are now generally considered to be separate orders (the Megaloptera and Raphidioptera). Sometimes the name Neuropterida is used to refer to these three orders as a group.
The adults of this order possess four membranous wings, with the forewings and hindwings about the same size, and with many veins. They have chewing mouthparts, and undergo complete metamorphosis. Most are predatory, but a few exceptions occur.

Les névroptères ou neuroptères (Neuroptera) sont un ordre d'insectes, sous-classe des ptérygotes, section des néoptères, division des holométaboles, super-ordre des mécoptéroïdés.

o Superfamily Coniopterygoidea
+ Family Coniopterygidae: dustywings
o Superfamily Ithonioidea
+ Family Ithonidae: moth lacewings
o Superfamily Hemerobioidea
+ Family Chrysopidae: green lacewings, stinkflies
+ Family Dilaridae: pleasing lacewings
+ Family Hemerobiidae: brown lacewings
+ Family Polystoechotidae: giant Lacewings
+ Family Psychopsidae
o Superfamily Osmyloidea
+ Family Osmylidae
+ Family Neurorthidae
+ Family Sisyridae: spongillaflies
o Superfamily Mantispoidea
+ Family Berothidae: beaded lacewings
+ Family Mantispidae: mantidflies
o Superfamily Myrmeleontoidea
+ Family Ascalaphidae: ascalaphids, owlflies
+ Family Myrmeleontidae: ant-lions
+ Family Nemopteridae: spoonwings
+ Family Nymphidae

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