martes, 14 de agosto de 2007

Eudonia pallida

Camara Kodak DX6490 con Raynox DCR250. Flash Difusor. F8 a 1/350.
Campo de Tarragona - La Mussara (Catañuña)
Alas de unos 18mm. Se distribuye extensamente, aunque se encuentra con mas facilidad en zonas húmedas tales como pantanos. Se alimentan en musgos o liquenes en el nivel del suelo. Los adultos vuelan en una sola generación durante junio y julio.

Wingspan c. 18mm.
The palest of the British Scopariinae and quite distinctive, although care must be taken not to confuse small, worn specimens of related species.
E. pallida is distributed widely, although tends to occur in damp situations such as fens or marshes.
In common with a number of other Pyralidae, the early stages are not well described, but it is believed to feed on mosses or lichens at ground level.
The adults fly in a single generation during June and July.

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